Yululuka Herbalbamboo Treatment 200g

Yululuka Herbalbamboo Treatment 200g

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  • Quasi drug, “Rebalance”
  • Specialized scalp care treatment
  • Works on damaged hair and improves the scalp condition
  • Controls the growth of bacteria that cause dandruff and itchiness 
  • Cares for troubled scalp and makes the hair airy and silky to the touch

Main Ingredients 

  • Bamboo leaf extract, Korean houttuynia extract - anti-bacterial
  • Grape seed oil, Jojoba oil - hair protectant 
  • Pirocton olamin, Dipotassium glycyrrhizate - active ingredients

How to use? 

Use after shampoo. Apply 10ml to ends, middle and roots in this order and spread evenly. Leave treatment on for few minutes, then rinse.