HA’SOL Moisturizing Scalp Serum 100ml

HA’SOL Moisturizing Scalp Serum 100ml

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HA’SOL Moisturizing Scalp Serum is a rich formula designed to target the scalp directly, with a generous dose of moisture to calm and revitalise your dry hair and scalp. The serum supports the look of resilient, silky locks by strengthening the hair fibre. Best suited for those with dry scalp, dry and damaged hair.

Patented ingredients: 

  • Sargassum Extract
  • Laminaria Japonica Extract
  • Seaweed Extract

Food & Drugs Safety and FDA approved:

  • No Parabens
  • No Mineral Oils
  • No Animal Raw Materials 
  • No Artificial Colorants 
  • No Synthetic Fragrances

How to use: After shampoo and towel-drying, apply a moderate amount on the scalp and massage for 2 minutes. Do not rinse after application as this is a scalp nourishing product.