Asia 361: Hair Salon Walking On Sunshine Lets You Eat, Drink and Feed Your Hair With Quebec Mountains Water

Going to a hair salon is a pampering session for many women, but for me, it’s considered a chore. For one, I deem it as a waste of time having to spend hours sitting on a chair, staring at my own reflection doing nothing constructive whilst putting up with chemical smells and forced small talk with the hair stylist.

Hair salon Walking On Sunshine managed to change my perception though. Located at the heart of Orchard Road, Walking On Sunshine is one-stop hair salon that has a hair salon, barber, manicure parlour and café under one roof. At the reception, lush greenery greets every guest that walks through the doors. You get the feeling that you have stepped into a garden rather than a hair salon.

The décor leans towards a rustic feel with the use of wood-framed mirrors and table tops, to match the garden theme. I was led to a cozy corner surrounded by hanging tendrils and verdant plants.

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