NEW 10-MINUTE Express Salon Hair Color in town!

Mowan megix10

The NEW Megix|10 hair color is now available at Walking On Sunshine.
Ten minute can change everything.


Have little to no time for hair color service? 
We got you covered.

The parent who has to head back to their kids.

The entrepreneur who should be spending the time building his/her business. 

The working adult who wants to get home quickly after work.

The one who dislikes spending long hours at the hair salon. 

If you fall into any of the above categories, Mowan Megix|10 10-minute Hair Color will be a life changer for you! Read through. 

What’s unique about Megix|10 10-minute Hair Color? 

Megix|10 is created using the “Spectrum Technology”, which allows a low ammonia content, which also means low damage for the hair. 

The innovative technology offers a new and more effective method to copulate the pigments, making them develop rapidly within just ten minutes. 

By shortening the processing time, contact time of color on hair and scalp is reduced. Consequently, so are the risks of future allergies and intolerances, giving you healthier hair and scalp. 

Plant-based Keratin Protein: Keraveg-18

Alternative to animal keratin protein, Keraveg-18, is an unique complex of 18 vegetable amino acids that restore hair’s natural health while hair color is developing. 

The formula has anti-aging properties, helps protect the hair against atmospheric damage and regenerates the hair fibre providing a vibrant shine. 

It's like a hair color & treatment in one process, truly a wellness for your hair. 

Quality Certified by Third Party

quality certification

Megix|10 is able to obtain superior hair color performances in a shorter time compared to traditional hair dyeing products. It also follows the highest
EU standards and is dermatologically tested.


Wave goodbye to spending long hours at the hair salon by trying out this revolutionary 10-minute hair color! 

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