3 Stylish Haircuts To Beat The Heat In Singapore

Unlike other parts of the world, there is only one season in Singapore – Summer! Yes, you read it right.
One whole year in Singapore is just filled with sunny skies and raging heat.

Because of the humid weather being experienced in Singapore every day, people try to think of ways to beat the heat. Some just wear light and airy clothes to avoid excessive sweating, others wear a hat to protect themselves from the sun. And there are people that choose to have a haircut that is trendy and at same time functional to fight the heat in Singapore.

3 stylish haircuts

If you’re planning to visit a hair salon, here are some stylish haircuts that will help you beat the heat!

The Pixie Cut

The Pixie haircut will instantly give you a light feeling. Hair salons in Singapore normally suggest this type of haircut to girls with a more elongated or angular facial structure. This haircut is short enough that the breeze can pass through your neck and has enough volume to block your scalp from being exposed to the sun, while still giving you a trendy look. You can wear a pixie haircut with a brushed up hairstyle or with side bangs to either accentuate or hide your forehead. 

The Bob Cut

The Bob cut is a perfect Singapore haircut for girls that still want to have a decent length for their hair that is not too short. This haircut will also look nice with girls that have long or slender necks, for this hairstyle gives emphasis to the neck area. Most of the hair salons in Singapore recommend this hairstyle because it gives your hair enough volume and body, while giving you a modern and contemporary look. 

The Undercut

This haircut is recommended for girls who opt to have an edgy look. The shaved part of this haircut can also help in preventing your hair from getting in the way in certain cases. This haircut will not only help in beating the heat in Singapore, but it also offers a variety of hairstyle choices that you can do depending on the occasion or circumstance. With the undercut, you can put your hair in a bun for sporty and active events or you may choose to disguise your haircut as a bob cut for classier and formal occasions.

No matter what haircut you choose to deal with the whole-year heat in Singapore, you must keep in mind that the haircut should always define and compliment your facial structure and will not hinder you in performing your daily chores. Visit Walking On Sunshine today and experience the best hair salon services you deserve!