First Date Checklist to Help You Make a Great First Impression 

A recent survey conducted by the National Population and Talent Division found that about half of Singapore singles polled were not dating. Despite the fact that many single Singaporeans are longing for a committed relationship, plenty of them have not had any physical or virtual dates at all—and many of those who’ve had are anxious about dating again.

Perhaps you’re one of the many who desire a serious commitment, but you’re nervous about meeting people as you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while. If so, you may want to get the services of a professional dating service to increase your chances of finding a date with whom you may have a serious relationship down the line. With experts arranging dates for you, dating Singapore singles again can become an enjoyable and meaningful experience.

Once you have set up a date, the next thing you have to focus on is making a great first impression. After all, how you dress, communicate, and conduct yourself on your first meeting can influence your date’s decision on whether to pursue a romantic relationship with you. To create an unforgettable and pleasing first impression, consider the following tips:

Present Your Best Self

Be mindful of your appearance as it says something about who you are even before you have the chance to speak and impress your date with your wit. Just imagine the kind of message you’ll communicate to your date when you show up dressed in a lousy outfit on your first meeting; you’ll likely come across as either disinterested or disrespectful. That said, put your best foot forward from the get-go. Take a shower, fix your hair, and choose a stylish outfit that makes you look and feel your best so you’ll be comfortable and confident throughout your date.

Arrive on Time

There is probably nothing more unappealing than showing up late on your first date. Not only is it disrespectful, but it also gives the impression that you can’t be trusted to honour your word. As such, if you agree to meet at a certain time, be sure you’re at the venue by that time; better yet, come early. That way, you have time to freshen up, get settled, and relax before your date arrives.

Wear a Smile

A significant part of creating a pleasing first impression is wearing a sincere smile on your face. You may not realise it, but smiling helps make your face look so much more attractive. One study published in the scientific journal Cognitive and Emotion revealed how the intensity of a person’s smile influences other people’s judgment of that individual’s attractiveness. Essentially, the stronger the smile, the more attractive the person looks to others.

Give your date a beautiful, radiant smile as you say hello to start your meeting on the right foot. Afterwards, continue showing a cheerful facial expression as you get to know each other. Besides helping you make a great first impression, smiling can improve your mood and ease first-date jitters.

Be Confident and Positive

Another effective way to make a pleasing first impression is to ensure that your demeanour, body language, and attitude exude confidence. Confidence is always an attractive quality; it draws people in and communicates that you know your worth.

Observe good posture when standing or sitting, make eye contact when talking, and smile warmly. And best of all, project positivity. Focus on the good things happening in the moment, and make a conscious effort to see your date in a flattering light. When you radiate positive feelings, there’s a high chance that your date will regard you favourably.

Give Your Date Your Undivided Attention

Show your date that you’re interested in getting to know them. Ask insightful questions and listen attentively to what they have to say. Try to ensure that your body language conveys the right signals as well. Looking around the room or staring at your phone while your date is talking is not only unlikeable, but also downright rude.

If you want your date to have pleasant memories of your first interaction, it helps to be considerate and attentive. How can your date forget about you when you make them feel comfortable and important, right?

Ask Interesting Questions

Small talk will only get you so far. If you want your first date with the person to be different from past unsuccessful dates, you may need to come up with engaging and unique questions to start meaningful conversations. Go beyond the usual topics like work, family, or favourite television shows.

For instance, consider asking if your date is allergic to any types of food as you prepare to order. Or maybe you can ask about their birth order so you can talk about supposed birth order personality traits and if they believe any of them. Such questions can lead to enjoyable discussions and may provide opportunities to learn more about your date.

Keep the pointers above in mind whenever you go on a date to boost your chances of making a great first impression. If you need more tips, just remember the golden rule—treat your date as you want to be treated. Be kind, polite, and considerate of your date’s feelings. Ultimately, your best bet is to embody the ideal date you want to meet.