Beauty Undercover: Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Upon exploring the place, we found that it isn't just a hair salon, Walking on Sunshine incorporates a cafe to deliver a multi-sensory experience not seen or felt anywhere else in Singapore. 

It's hence pretty safe to say that Walking on Sunshine is the most beautiful hair salon in Singapore right now. 

Its external beauty isn't the only thing that attracted us here. Walking on Sunshine is founded and managed by the same team that created LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon in Mandarin Gallery.

At the end of it all, the team understands clearly that stylist skill and service are key to a good experience in the salon. The founder therefore personally handpicked an 'A' team of popular stylists from top salons in Singapore.

These are not ordinary stylists but superstars who are extremely popular for their trendy hair colours and perms! 

Best of all, prices here are actually LOWER than most top salons (even LeeKaJa) with haircuts starting from $50. The only drawback however is that premium drinks such as lattes and cappuccino are not free flow even if you're a customer. They provide you with a beverage credit; want more and you will have to pay extra for those!

With its irresistible mix of awesome stylist team, instagram-worthy decor and great service experience, Walking on Sunshine is without doubt the MUST-TRY hair salon in Singapore this year!

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