6 Little Known Benefits You Get from Going to a Foot Spa

After a long week of hard work, one of the best ways to reward yourself is with a foot spa. The warm water, bubble soak and foot massage are good for soothing tired feet and aching muscles. These elements are not too different from how foot spas have been practised for centuries. Many ancient civilizations, including Greece, India and China, recognize the link between foot care and overall wellness. These continue to be practised in alternative treatments like reflexology and ayurvedic medicine.

While you should still visit a physio clinic Singapore residents trust if you have foot injuries and other medical problems, getting a foot spa can help relax your mind and body. Additionally, foot spas may help improve other aspects of your health. Here are other health benefits you may experience from getting regular foot spa treatments.

Encourage Better Blood Flow

When you have been sitting or standing all day, the circulation in your feet can become inefficient. Poor circulation may be the culprit for the soreness you feel on your feet. The pain you feel is the result of your muscles not receiving enough oxygen, which is delivered throughout the body during proper blood circulation.

Blood flow can also become restricted after the body participates in intense physical activity or exercise, but receiving a massage at a foot spa can improve circulation. A 2014 study published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation shows that participants who received a massage after exercising had better "brachial artery flow mediated dilation" for up to 72 hours after compared to those who did not receive a massage.

Speed up Healing

Along with getting more oxygen through better blood circulation, muscles in the feet and legs are also able to get more nutrients. These are essential for facilitating tissue regeneration and other repairs needed after experiencing a foot injury. A good foot spa massage can also help to strengthen the muscles and carefully restore flexibility and movement.

Some injuries may be uncomfortable or even painful. Getting a foot spa can be an alternative remedy for managing pain and discomfort instead of taking medication. This can also help improve the patient’s outlook and encourage a more positive attitude towards their recovery process. 

Improve Sleep

The base of the foot has a lot of reflex points, or points that correspond to different parts of the body. Reflexology studies these points and how to stimulate them for better health and healing. Towards the middle of the ball of the foot is a reflex point for the solar plexus. This is the area at the top of your abdomen, right below your ribcage. When you feel stressed and describe feeling “a knot in your stomach”, the sensation is usually felt in this area.

If you have ever fallen asleep during a foot spa session, you are not alone. This is because the reflex point for the solar plexus usually receives a fair amount of pressure during the foot spa massage. Triggering this area helps to relieve stress and release anxiety, so it is not uncommon for a person to fall asleep during the treatment session. The benefits can carry through when you finally do go to bed for the night, and with regular treatment, you may experience less trouble sleeping and improved sleep quality.

Raise Energy Levels

Reflexology believes that stimulating reflex points help to remove the built-up tension in the body, thereby removing obstacles to the flow of energy. Whether you believe that or not, the benefits of improved circulation, reduced pain and stress, and better sleep can contribute to you feeling more energetic. Being able to function properly can thus enable you to do more.

Boost Sex Drive

Feeling good physically can translate to feeling good emotionally, and you can share this with your partner. Offer to give them a foot massage at home, or simply rub their legs and feet. Touch is an important way of expressing love, and you can make the experience more sensual for your partner by lighting scented candles and using aromatic oils in your massage.

Foot massage is an effective form of foreplay as the inner thighs and the back of the knees are erogenous zones or areas that are particularly sensitive to sexual arousal.

Relieve Pregnancy-Caused Edemas

Pregnant women often experience having swollen feet and ankles. The swelling is partly caused by the added weight of the baby as well as fluid retention caused by pregnancy. Gently massaging these edemas can help to drain the fluids and ease the swelling. However, do note that a foot spa massage is meant to be complementary but not a replacement for medical treatments for edemas.

Going to the foot spa may seem like a mere pampering service similar to visiting a beauty salon, but it can offer many benefits to your health. Consider getting a weekly treatment as a way to destress and supplement your health for the long run.